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Head and Shoulders Lining up with Retrace off of Harmonic Pattern


Gold’s New Bull Trend

September 5, 2016publisherFeatured, Trading Gold FuturesComments Off on Gold’s New Bull Trend

This week I’m watching a wave (v) completes. It should be higher than (iii) upon completion. Next, we’ll see a correction no lower than 1303, or it will make the new bull invalid, and I am targeting fibonacci levels .382 or .618 which is 1320 and 1313 respectively. Here’s a link to the chart over at where I use Elliott Waves, Fibonacci and, in other cases, Harmonic trading patterns to setup my trades and target points.

Gold Going Bull? Waiting on 5th Wave Completion (still). by AlphaDreams on

Good luck this week!

National Tax Experts – IRS Tax Doctors, the Original Tax Doctor

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The Tax Doctors, or known as National Tax Experts, is a group of attorneys, enrolled IRS agents, and CPAs who help clients with past tax issues. Client tax issues range from past years clients of Nation Tax have not filed to IRS debt not paid. Tax relief firms have had a reputation over the years of not completing work or working from overseas locations pressuring clients to make strange payments via temporary credit cards and Western Union. However, National Tax is a fully licensed firm working out of California where regulations are tight and the firm maintains a high level of credibility and near perfect BBB rating (National Tax at a BBB A rating at time of writing this article). 

Due to the size and length of time that National Tax Experts have been in business and with their large television presence, many smaller organizations have spawned attempting to “piggy-back” on their good name. Using the word doctor in their websites or in their business names has caused much confusion as to who is due the negative credit outside of the original National Tax group who’s reputation has a very good standing with the BBB and Business Alliance, as well as with their thousands of clients.

Your can reach the original tax doctor at their website at

There was a thread with a poll on Sermo (a doctor-only forum) recently asking what percentage of your income you paid in taxes in 2011.  The lowest option was <20%.  I thought that was ridiculous (since I make about an average physician salary and paid about 8% in Federal, 3.5% in payroll tax, and 4% in state income taxes), so I spoke up about it.  After a few days it became evident that either most doctors have no idea what they pay in taxes, or that they pay far too much in taxes.  Out of 58 responses on the poll, I was the only one who was paying less than 20% in taxes.  Keep in mind that more than half of doctors make less money than I do.

Physicians spend about 40,000 hours training and over $300,000 on their education, yet the amount of money they earn per hour is only a few dollars more than a high school teacher. Physicians spend over a decade of potential earning, saving and investing time training and taking on more debt, debt that isn’t tax deductible. When they finish training and finally have an income – they are taxed heavily and must repay their debt with what remains. The cost of tuition, the length of training and the U.S. tax code places physicians into a deceptive financial situation.

If you’re an employee who has to pay for your own health insurance, you don’t get any tax write-off unless your company provides a cafeteria benefit plan. Many small and medium-sized companies don’t, forcing their employees to pay health premiums with after-tax dollars. Meanwhile, employees with better benefit packages get tax-free company-paid health coverage, and self-employed folks are allowed to write off their health insurance premiums.

Key Features to Consider While Selecting a Digital Signage for your Business

July 26, 2014lorrie catherineFeatured, Server HardwareComments Off on Key Features to Consider While Selecting a Digital Signage for your Business

Businesses today are inclined towards digital signage as an effective mode of marketing and advertising for reaching greater number of consumers. Many small to large business organisations are investing in digital signage to get the best out of modern technology. Selection of the most suitable technology for a particular type of business should be based on several factors, like application, functionality, manageability and last but not the least, the budget. Following are some key features to ensure that the digital signage solution for an organisation is a success:

Engaging content: This is the most vital aspect for setting up high quality digital signage. The digital signage solution should be a reliable source of information. If the content is not easy to understand, there is possibility of losing the viewers. The content should be represented in an attractive way to draw attention of the audience.  Using long sentences should be avoided, also the font used should be of proper size, so that the viewers can read them easily, even from a distance. Leaving white space is another important aspect of digital signage for providing an appealing visual effect. The colors selected should be pleasing for eye and able to complement each other. One should bypass the overcrowding of colors and text should. There should be enough time before a screen changes to the next one, so that the audience get plenty of time to read a content.

Hardware specification: Digital signage player is one of the critical components of the system. Among the wide range of digital signage players available in the market, the most expensive ones are designed for advanced types of signage systems that are typically used for large scale deployments. Completely integrated digital signage media players are ideal for these types of infrastructure, as they can be connected to industry standard screens, like plasma or LCD displays, billboards, projectors or other types of displays. A solid-state player with PC-class performance is worth considering, since it allows the display of live HDTV broadcast and use of HTML5 for content development. The combination of HDTV with HTML5 is the top trend of digital signage expo these days. This is because the live video feed is able to attract customers and retain them for longer time, while HTML5 is said to be one of the best content development tools for delivering engaging contents.

Appropriate setting: Apart from the quality content and standard hardware system, space for setting up the system is another important aspect . If the viewers are not able to locate the screen, the whole effort will go pointless. There are many things that have huge impact on the visibility of digital signage, like lighting, furniture layout, glossy floor, printed signage and other peripheral objects. One should make sure that the digital signage system is installed properly. This is helpful for proper maintenance and full protection of the system.
Proper planning and implementation is important for digital signage system to have desired effect on audience. It is crucial to decide on the best infrastructure from the array of latest commercial devices, such as LCD screen to stream videos. Also, it necessary to utilise a player to support multiple media, like Flash, AVI, MPEG 4-1, DivX etc. One should carefully select the digital signage system suitable for a particular purpose and make judicious investment for promoting a business.

Digital signage is a booming trend of industry for marketing and advertising. Appropriate content with useful information, industry standard hardware, proper settings etc. are some of the key features to consider.

Author Bio:
As a freelance writer, Thomas Edwards likes to cover the current topics of science, technology and industry. He has written many well-informative articles on digital signage and infographic designs.

Common Mistakes to Avoid During Designing a Website for Your Business

July 26, 2014Saurabh TyagiWeb DesignComments Off on Common Mistakes to Avoid During Designing a Website for Your Business

With the whole world moving to internet to capture a greater market base and engage more users in business, it is perfectly understandable if you also are planning to have a web presence in the form of a website for your business. While deciding to create a website isn’t much of a task, the difficult part is executing your plan in a way that it actually collaborates with your other initiatives to generate profit for business.  Considering that you will author the website yourself or at least will have a major hand in finalizing the design of your website, this post will give you a primer on the various mistakes to avoid that most other designers often overlook.

In its infancy, web designing was limited to nerdy programmers and coders who had sound understanding of the web and software but little know-how of professional communication and marketing. These web designers created sites that looked more like online version of their printed catalogues and added little value to the businesses. These sites were nothing more than an information tool. However with the passage of time it was realized that a website should have a marketing value to it. The sites of today are powerful marketing and communication tool, and therefore it becomes all the more imperative to get all creases out to make it a smooth and enjoyable experience.  Since you have finally embarked on this journey, take a moment to read this post and make sure you do not commit these mistakes.

No clear purpose of thought: As obvious it sounds, this is the most common mistake that any newbie to the “webosphere” commits, which is, straying from a definite purpose or having no purpose at all. Sadly, it is also one of the most costly mistakes, one that risks alienating your entire customer base. You haven’t taken all this extra pain to solely establish an Internet presence with a page that conveniently displays your address and phone number as it’s not going to do any good to you as a brand. In order to stay ahead from the competition it is necessary that you incorporate the ideology of the business, the objectives you wish to achieve and the benefits that your company and products will provide to the customers in your website.

Uninteresting Content: Content is the king in the business of web, and whether you like it or not, it is going to remain this way for at least near future. Content isn’t strictly limited to rehashed paragraphs of information about a particular product or service. Multimedia like pictures, videos, presentations, PDFs all fall in the same category. Painting your website in overtly bright design elements that take precedence over the information contained in the site resembles a person dressed in party wear for an interview.  The person might look good but is grossly out of place. Content that doesn’t inspire the reader to actually try out your product isn’t really doing anything good to your business. To ensure a complete return on investment, it is essential to have an effective content strategy in place.

A jumbled up navigation system: Failing to provide a simple navigation system is akin to suicide for your website. Owing to the tones of options that they have at hand, most web surfers wouldn’t care to search for a particular link on your website. Instead they would close your website and find a competitor site of yours that has the same link, albeit in a more visible and easy to find fashion. If the home page and your navigation system don’t provide the notoriously impatient web surfer with quick answers to their query, it is assured that they will move on, all in a matter of seconds.  Further, do not experiment with the navigation bar within the framework of your site. Consistency within the design makes sure that viewers stay for a longer period of time.

A home page loaded with music and/or video: While some will argue that adding interactive elements like music or video is one of the major advantages that sites have over traditional print media, a music video or a song playing in the background as soon as the site loads is something that most people avoid. They might be at a library or a no-noise zone where loud noise will result in navigating away from your site as soon as it loads. Instead give your audience the choice to listen to or watch the interactive multimedia content.

Scrambled design: One thing that every aspiring web designer should understand is that less is more in web design.  The importance of minimalistic design can be gauged from the most successful web design till date internet has witnessed; the home page of Google. Although the company has multiple web products and applications its home page has ever remained focused on their single most important goal, which is to help the user search the web.  On the same lines, keep your design simple and flat, reduce the clutter and focus on functionally enriching the user experience.

Author Bio:- Saurabh Tyagi is an expert writer having interest in diverse topics like education, technology, career and Web 2.0. He is a social media enthusiast and a self-confessed gadget-freak, who loves to follow the latest happenings in the tech world.



Operators Can Interchange Tooling Quicker And Smoother By The Use Of Collets

July 26, 2014mcthanhBusinessComments Off on Operators Can Interchange Tooling Quicker And Smoother By The Use Of Collets

Machine tools can be held using a handful of tactics, with sometimes a chuck or a collet. Lathe collets are generally strobile shaped on the outside, with a bore through the midsection. The collet is additionally divided into several pieces which are pressurised as the tapering collet is driven directly into a complimenting receiver in the lathe’s head. As the collet is moved towards the collar, the portions squeeze around the part of stock, in so doing clamping it in securely into position.

A capable machinist will be able to pick which design of chuck to utilize. Collets should preferably be preferred when the item is smaller than 1 inch in diameter. Although more commonly used on the mill tool, collets usually are used with the engine lathe often times. Working as a veteran machine operator requires the skills to reach productive judgements. These conclusions will relate to the methods and procedures applied to fabricate parts.

Collets are universally used because of the capability to center the working stock expediently and considerably easier over a common chuck. A Collet is a lot more precise than just a typical jaw collar due to the fact it more precisely retains the part closer to the optimal position. During the course of manufacture, this makes possible an increase in manufacturing by diminishing the outages as a machinist installs the working stock in an adjustable collar. Because of the multiple contact spots on a typical collet, the holding pressure is spread over a larger surface thus minimising wear to the piece presently cut.

The classified size of collet is based on the size of the hole within the collet. CNC operators uses numerous different collet sizes when working on a task because of the various shapes of parts utilized. The exterior measurements of the different collets are the same so each will could match the exact same collar but could be swapped out when a new sized piece of stock must be cut.

It’s possible to come across machine tools are usually available today from a wide selection of websites.The 5C collet may just be the most usual kind of collet in use. These have a short narrowing tip and conical outside with 3 sections over the leading area of the shaft . A device which includes a draw bar is employed to rein it inside the collar by turning it into it. Threaded on 1 end, a drawbar or other device is twisted onto it and the collet is drawn inward into the collet holder. This pulling procedure closes it around the work and grabs it with ample force to perform machining procedures.

Because collets are more compact and weigh less when compared to their alternative, they transfer decreased pressure on the spindle which permits them to be turned much faster. While milling tinier equipment such as arbors or spindles, you can see this may be a important capability. The most typical danger is not having the collet clasp firm enough causing the stock to come loosened.

Many steel alloys and Aluminum can be used to build collets. Some are constructed from metals such as Titanium or even materials like nylon. The material used is determined directly by the piece the collet will grip.

Complex CNC machine accessories are a requirement in the modern day extreme manufacturing scene. You will discover a great range of insight accessible pertaining to the economic procedures. To read more View It or seek out via the internet for alternative strategies. YouTube has numerous video lessons illustrating this strategy in depth. For anybody who is a novice to operating an end mill, perhaps you may want to take a course or get it done the typical approach by learning underneath a professional cnc operator.

Is A Franchise Right For Me

July 26, 2014JulianMcDonnellPress ReleasesComments Off on Is A Franchise Right For Me

franchise financeDo you desire to be part of the franchise industry? Do you see yourself as a great entrepreneur with a fantastic passion to find out about buying a franchise company in your market of selection? Do you foresee not only occupation also monetary however potential promise? If you answered yes to those concerns, you have actually got franchise business vision, and you see the numerous advantages of ending up being an effective franchisee.

My tip is to investigate the strengths, expenses and feedback on the different franchises within your chosen business location. Discover one you like, can manage and that in fact supports its franchisers.

This is lastly it; you have actually made the jump and you’re operating your very own business. This is the phase when you require to really concentrate on what you want for your business and your lifestyle. Attempt to keep the 2 apart as much as possible … this can be very testing for a good variety of individuals particularly if you now work from house a lot. Bear in mind though the entire point of working for yourself was to improve your life in it’s totality. Do not let the new company be “An Albatross around your neck”… it exists to obtain you the benefits you have actually constantly desired.

Simply because the owner wants to finance the house, does not imply that everyone will qualify. There are always terms connected with the funding. Most require 5 percent and even up to 30 percent down. Some need a credit rating of 640 or higher. Interest rates, regards to the loan, and monthly payments are negotiated in between the seller and the buyer.

Uncheck spending of President Mugabe had actually raised Zimbabwe’s debt concern. The nation even requested for debt relief as part of the Heavily Indebted Poor Countries program in 2010. The IMF said that Zimbabwe was under financial obligation Start-up Financing anxiety.

After pooling in resources financing a startup from all these sources if you still run except funds, then considering funding your wedding is not a bad concept if the quantity included is small. After all your wedding is an once in a life time festival. It is an event worth commemorating and bearing in mind, nonetheless, it will be practical and within your means to repay Franchise Loans the quantity owed for loans within a year or more.

Though the country has passed new austerity measures and been supplied a second bailout, its default apparently looks most likely. Greece’s public debt is anticipated to rise in 2012 before alleviating in 2013.

Term: There are different terms in franchise business arrangement covers but the crucial one which must be consisted of is the age of the franchise business i.e. exactly how long it will last. Then exactly what will be the treatment for the renewal and what are the terms for that. The termination requirements would rely on financing a startup the performance.

Now, this does not always imply that one ought to just jump at the very first chance they see. In fact, in this sort of franchise business concept market, it is very important to be extra careful with your due diligence. start-up financing I would not begin a company that offers luxury yachts. But how about other industries, such as Senior citizen Care, Kid Education, Restoration, Marketing, Staffing and Physical fitness?

Funding is difficult, whether you are General Motors or getting your very first franchise business in the entrepreneurship dream. Speak with a trusted, credible, and experience company financing advisor who can help you in your franchise finance approach for success.

Ovation Pictures

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Ovation Pictures connects private equity with their seven strategic partners for distribution to get quality movies out to the market quicker for lower development costs and higher yield returns.

Our first “$100,000 film made 10 times its money.” – CNN

Ovation Pictures may start working with veteran Nicholos Kazan, An american writer, producer and director nominated for an Oscar and other film / literary wins and nominations. He is the son of Elia Kazan (“A Streetcar Named Desire”, “On the Waterfront” , and “East of Eden”).

“Using our seven ancillary distribution partners, Ovation Pictures can reduce the costs and time it takes to generate high-yield profits. Lastly, we partner with top internet marketing firms to raise public awareness, increase exposure to increase movie sales.”, says Joseph L. at Ovation.

Video on Demand as a primary distributor

An average of 70% of the 82.3 million cable subscribers use VOD. VOD charges $5 to view each movie keeping 30% for the VOD partner and 70% going to the investment partners paid quarterly. An example is the Richard Gere film “Arbitrage”,- made for $1 million and grossed $8 million on VOD alone.

More about Ovation Pictures can be read on their website at


The purpose and generation of modern broaching techniques

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For a long time individuals have made use of fasteners for a variety of uses. Over the years, new procedure’s of running fasteners into materials are being generated to more effectively keep them together. Currently the healthcare industry relies on bone fastener solutions with more compound shapes which can include a hex or square. Materials as in Cobalt & Titanium have made it more complicated to form the head of a screw. An recent method was required in order to meet the needs of the revolutionary medical community and design custom made wobble broaches.

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The BMW E46 As Well As The Typical Components They Have

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What precisely is E46? To comprehend the E46 it is important to learn about what a BMW e code is first. The E-code status began with the E3 in 1968. The 4-door was the E3 and the coupe was the E9 E designations were given by the factory for different body style BMW’s. Often these versions are different years but essentially are the same exact car.

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