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7 Tips To Become a Master Affiliate

October 29, 2011EditorAffiliate Marketing, Promotion & MarketingComments Off on 7 Tips To Become a Master Affiliate
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This are 7 useful tips that can really put you in the right direction to become one of the affiliate marketers that really make money promoting on the net products of other companies.

1. Keep in mind that becoming an affiliate marketer on the internet you are gaining access to customers of all the world instead of just having access to a local customer base.
With the internet you can reach millions of potential buyers instead of hundreds or thousands.

2. Do some basic analysis researching the market you want to sell to. A useful suggestion I can give you is to use the SWOT Analysis to consider existing competition:

– Strengths
– Weaknesses
– Opportunities
– Threats

3. When selecting an affiliate program to promote look at the following criteria as basic requirements:

– Affiliate programs that pay you at least $10 per sale.

– Affiliate programs having limited option for the ordering process (e.g.: you don’t want that the affiliate program pays you only if the customer buys using clickbank and on the site it is available also the option to pay with Stormpay that does not earn you the commissions you deserve)

– Affiliate programs that don’t have many external links to other programs you don’t get credits for.

4. Create a web page that cloaks your affiliate URL and use it to promote the affiliate program instead of directly promoting the affiliate URL.
This is important because this way the prospect, the potential buyer, will not be able to remove your affiliate ID and you are more likely to get credits for the sale.

5. When using paid advertising try to capture the contact info of the visitors like name and email address. You will be able to contact them again if they did not buy at the first visit to try to convince them to purchase from you, and you won’t have to pay again to resubmit them your offer.

6. Be informative about the products you are promoting with your potential customers.
You can write articles or reviews telling your own experiences about how the product or service you promote was useful and helpful to solve a problem or a need you had.

7. Use paid advertising to promote your affiliate programs.
Some of the best paid advertisings available are PPC (Pay Per Click, like google AdWords), email advertising like ads in newsletters and ezines (even better if you build your own mailing list), paid links in targeted high traffic sites.

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