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Affiliate Marketing: How To Get Started When You Don’t Have Any Money

October 29, 2011EditorAffiliate Marketing, Promotion & MarketingComments Off on Affiliate Marketing: How To Get Started When You Don’t Have Any Money
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If you want to get into affiliate marketing, but you don’t have any cash to start off with, here’s an option for you…

One method you could try is creating and distributing free reports.

You can create a pdf ebook/report for free, using free software like the one available at:

Pick a topic that you think people will be interested in. Maybe a problem that you often hear people talk about on forums. Tell people what they need to do to overcome this problem in your report…

…then introduce them to a product that will solve the problem for them (using your affiliate link in your report).

As an example: The problem could be that business owners struggle to keep up with e-mail, and following up with their customers.

You could tell them ‘what’ they need to do is invest in an autoresponder, and explain the benefits of using such a service.

Then introduce them to an autoresponder service (with your affiliate link) that you recommend, and detail your reasons why they are better than the competition (benefits/features).

Give the report a good title, and submit it to free ebook directories. Do a search on Google and look for pages with the words: ‘free ebooks’. This should help you find websites that give away free ebooks.

You could try approaching the site owners. Let me have a copy of your report. Offer to make a special copy just for them. This would basically be the same report, but with a link back to their site on the front page. ‘Report sponsored by: ‘their website’ etc.

This might help to get your free ebook a more prominent position on their website. The more it gets downloaded, the more people click on your affiliate link etc., etc.

You could even look for a budding ebook cover designer, to see if they would do a free ebook cover for you, in exchange for getting exposure for their service. Again, you could offer to place an ad for their service in your ebook, and tell them that you will be distributing it far and wide.

The ebook cover would help to give your free report a higher perceived value and appeal.

You could repeat this process for different products/topics in many different niches.

When you get your own site, you should include a link back to your website in the reports. Where they will be able to get more free reports and other useful info from you.

To help you get an idea on how to structure this type of report, just download a number of free reports/ebooks from the free ebook directories, and see how other people are doing it.

You can pick up some good tips and methods this way, and do something similar but in your own style and for different affiliate products.

All this can be done for free.

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