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Alec Baldwin Dead – Died from falling 60 feet in New Zealand

February 14, 2012publisherFeatured, Press ReleasesComments Off on Alec Baldwin Dead – Died from falling 60 feet in New Zealand
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Early reports are saying that Alec Baldwin has fallen during the filming of a new movie in New Zealand. The Alec Baldwin camp has not yet confirmed his death but there is at least one video on the incident. His last tweet on Twitter reads, “I want a Grammy. I just want it”. This was 15 minutes before the report was released by local news media but has still not been confirmed that Alec Baldwin has died.

Alec Baldwin has been in movies, films and various cameos and shows for decades and has recently been popularized again with his leading role on 30 rock a hit show on NBC where he plays an executive for the NBC network.

Alec Baldwin died from falling 60 feet acording to a New Zealand news media website but no other news agency has yet to pick up the story. My guess is that they want to confirm the death of Alec Baldwin before leaking the story to the public.

It could simply be false and that the news and media company are trying to get traffic off of the story or that there is an underliing attempt by the movie he was working on to get early publicity. In any case Alec Baldwin’s death would be significant due to it’s close proximity to the death of diva and singing superstar Whitney Houston.

I will continue to keep up with the story of Alec Baldwin’s death and post whether or not it is true. He’s a great actor and would be a tragic loss for sure. Our prayers for his family while getting this sorted out.

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Alec Baldwin Dead – Died from falling 60 feet in New Zealand, 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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