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Animated Fade

October 29, 2011EditorFlash, Web Design ToolsComments Off on Animated Fade
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You can create a flash like effect to fade from one image into another. A great effect but simple to make!

Step 1:
Have two images roughly the same size and open one of them in Imageready.

Step 2:
Then create a new Imageready layer with the second image on.

Step 3:
In the animations palette (if it isn’t there go to Window > Animation)

Step 4:
Create 3 new frames.

Step 5:
In the first frame click on the eye icon for the second image this will make the first image only visible.

Step 6:
In the second frame make the first and second image visible but make sure that the first image is above the layer with the second image. Set the first images opacity to 10%.

Step 7:
Now with frame 2 selected go to TWEEN in the animation palette and use these following settings.

Step 8:
Then in the third frame make the opacity 100% again and repeat the tween step only this time with the 3rd and second layer.

Step 9:
That’s half of it done; you now just need to repeat these steps just do it reversed.


(Note that this is a 3.5MB Download… Not recommended for dialup users!)

If you want to make the animation slower select all of the frames and change the timings.

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