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Equipment Lease Calculator

March 9, 2012publisherFeatured, Leasing & FinanceComments Off on Equipment Lease Calculator

We’ve all seen it before. A little application that helps you to see how much your loan payment will be based on the total amount of the equipment lease, the percentage rate you qualify for and the amount of months of the terms of the loan. So why is it important who’s equipment lease calculator you use? It isn’t. However, it is important where you get your equipment loan to get the best lease rate and terms.

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Data Center Lease to Save Working Capital

March 4, 2012publisherFeatured, Leasing & Finance, Press ReleasesComments Off on Data Center Lease to Save Working Capital

We all know that leasing is sometimes easier than putting out large sums of cash on large purchases such as cars and homes. It’s no different when your business needs IT equipment or upgrades. Lease With Crystal ( allows you to find the right vendor you need for your data center lease or IT hardware purchases. Read more →

Computer Equipment Leasing for Small Businesses

October 29, 2011EditorFeatured, Leasing & Finance, Server HardwareComments Off on Computer Equipment Leasing for Small Businesses

Computers are essential to businesses of all sizes. But it is most critical to lease computers when your business is small and needs to pay close attention to your cash flow. Freeing up capital to use for marketing, advertising and other areas are a business owner’s key function while growing. Read more →

Leasing for Dental and Medical Equipment

October 29, 2011EditorLeasing & FinanceComments Off on Leasing for Dental and Medical Equipment

Most new doctors, dentists and other medical professionals start off working for other companies. But when it comes time to venture out on your own or start a private practice, the most pressing question isn’t are your skills ready but “can I afford this”? Read more →