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Head and Shoulders Lining up with Retrace off of Harmonic Pattern


Gold’s New Bull Trend

September 5, 2016publisherFeatured, Trading Gold FuturesComments Off on Gold’s New Bull Trend

This week I’m watching a wave (v) completes. It should be higher than (iii) upon completion. Next, we’ll see a correction no lower than 1303, or it will make the new bull invalid, and I am targeting fibonacci levels .382 or .618 which is 1320 and 1313 respectively. Here’s a link to the chart over at where I use Elliott Waves, Fibonacci and, in other cases, Harmonic trading patterns to setup my trades and target points.

Gold Going Bull? Waiting on 5th Wave Completion (still). by AlphaDreams on

Good luck this week!

National Tax Experts – IRS Tax Doctors, the Original Tax Doctor

January 9, 2015publisherFeatured, Press ReleasesComments Off on National Tax Experts – IRS Tax Doctors, the Original Tax Doctor

The Tax Doctors, or known as National Tax Experts, is a group of attorneys, enrolled IRS agents, and CPAs who help clients with past tax issues. Client tax issues range from past years clients of Nation Tax have not filed to IRS debt not paid. Tax relief firms have had a reputation over the years of not completing work or working from overseas locations pressuring clients to make strange payments via temporary credit cards and Western Union. However, National Tax is a fully licensed firm working out of California where regulations are tight and the firm maintains a high level of credibility and near perfect BBB rating (National Tax at a BBB A rating at time of writing this article). 

Due to the size and length of time that National Tax Experts have been in business and with their large television presence, many smaller organizations have spawned attempting to “piggy-back” on their good name. Using the word doctor in their websites or in their business names has caused much confusion as to who is due the negative credit outside of the original National Tax group who’s reputation has a very good standing with the BBB and Business Alliance, as well as with their thousands of clients.

Your can reach the original tax doctor at their website at

There was a thread with a poll on Sermo (a doctor-only forum) recently asking what percentage of your income you paid in taxes in 2011.  The lowest option was <20%.  I thought that was ridiculous (since I make about an average physician salary and paid about 8% in Federal, 3.5% in payroll tax, and 4% in state income taxes), so I spoke up about it.  After a few days it became evident that either most doctors have no idea what they pay in taxes, or that they pay far too much in taxes.  Out of 58 responses on the poll, I was the only one who was paying less than 20% in taxes.  Keep in mind that more than half of doctors make less money than I do.

Physicians spend about 40,000 hours training and over $300,000 on their education, yet the amount of money they earn per hour is only a few dollars more than a high school teacher. Physicians spend over a decade of potential earning, saving and investing time training and taking on more debt, debt that isn’t tax deductible. When they finish training and finally have an income – they are taxed heavily and must repay their debt with what remains. The cost of tuition, the length of training and the U.S. tax code places physicians into a deceptive financial situation.

If you’re an employee who has to pay for your own health insurance, you don’t get any tax write-off unless your company provides a cafeteria benefit plan. Many small and medium-sized companies don’t, forcing their employees to pay health premiums with after-tax dollars. Meanwhile, employees with better benefit packages get tax-free company-paid health coverage, and self-employed folks are allowed to write off their health insurance premiums.

Key Features to Consider While Selecting a Digital Signage for your Business

July 26, 2014lorrie catherineFeatured, Server HardwareComments Off on Key Features to Consider While Selecting a Digital Signage for your Business

Businesses today are inclined towards digital signage as an effective mode of marketing and advertising for reaching greater number of consumers. Many small to large business organisations are investing in digital signage to get the best out of modern technology. Selection of the most suitable technology for a particular type of business should be based on several factors, like application, functionality, manageability and last but not the least, the budget. Following are some key features to ensure that the digital signage solution for an organisation is a success:

Engaging content: This is the most vital aspect for setting up high quality digital signage. The digital signage solution should be a reliable source of information. If the content is not easy to understand, there is possibility of losing the viewers. The content should be represented in an attractive way to draw attention of the audience.  Using long sentences should be avoided, also the font used should be of proper size, so that the viewers can read them easily, even from a distance. Leaving white space is another important aspect of digital signage for providing an appealing visual effect. The colors selected should be pleasing for eye and able to complement each other. One should bypass the overcrowding of colors and text should. There should be enough time before a screen changes to the next one, so that the audience get plenty of time to read a content.

Hardware specification: Digital signage player is one of the critical components of the system. Among the wide range of digital signage players available in the market, the most expensive ones are designed for advanced types of signage systems that are typically used for large scale deployments. Completely integrated digital signage media players are ideal for these types of infrastructure, as they can be connected to industry standard screens, like plasma or LCD displays, billboards, projectors or other types of displays. A solid-state player with PC-class performance is worth considering, since it allows the display of live HDTV broadcast and use of HTML5 for content development. The combination of HDTV with HTML5 is the top trend of digital signage expo these days. This is because the live video feed is able to attract customers and retain them for longer time, while HTML5 is said to be one of the best content development tools for delivering engaging contents.

Appropriate setting: Apart from the quality content and standard hardware system, space for setting up the system is another important aspect . If the viewers are not able to locate the screen, the whole effort will go pointless. There are many things that have huge impact on the visibility of digital signage, like lighting, furniture layout, glossy floor, printed signage and other peripheral objects. One should make sure that the digital signage system is installed properly. This is helpful for proper maintenance and full protection of the system.
Proper planning and implementation is important for digital signage system to have desired effect on audience. It is crucial to decide on the best infrastructure from the array of latest commercial devices, such as LCD screen to stream videos. Also, it necessary to utilise a player to support multiple media, like Flash, AVI, MPEG 4-1, DivX etc. One should carefully select the digital signage system suitable for a particular purpose and make judicious investment for promoting a business.

Digital signage is a booming trend of industry for marketing and advertising. Appropriate content with useful information, industry standard hardware, proper settings etc. are some of the key features to consider.

Author Bio:
As a freelance writer, Thomas Edwards likes to cover the current topics of science, technology and industry. He has written many well-informative articles on digital signage and infographic designs.

Ovation Pictures

September 23, 2013publisherFeatured, Press ReleasesComments Off on Ovation Pictures

Ovation Pictures connects private equity with their seven strategic partners for distribution to get quality movies out to the market quicker for lower development costs and higher yield returns.

Our first “$100,000 film made 10 times its money.” – CNN

Ovation Pictures may start working with veteran Nicholos Kazan, An american writer, producer and director nominated for an Oscar and other film / literary wins and nominations. He is the son of Elia Kazan (“A Streetcar Named Desire”, “On the Waterfront” , and “East of Eden”).

“Using our seven ancillary distribution partners, Ovation Pictures can reduce the costs and time it takes to generate high-yield profits. Lastly, we partner with top internet marketing firms to raise public awareness, increase exposure to increase movie sales.”, says Joseph L. at Ovation.

Video on Demand as a primary distributor

An average of 70% of the 82.3 million cable subscribers use VOD. VOD charges $5 to view each movie keeping 30% for the VOD partner and 70% going to the investment partners paid quarterly. An example is the Richard Gere film “Arbitrage”,- made for $1 million and grossed $8 million on VOD alone.

More about Ovation Pictures can be read on their website at


Film Investment – Investing in Movies

June 12, 2013publisherFeatured, Press ReleasesComments Off on Film Investment – Investing in Movies

I just wrote a quick eBook on how to invest in independent films. It’s a very short eBook but wanted to cover the basics. The obvious is to attempt to earn a return, some people might use it to gain a chance to see into Hollywood’s behind the scenes while others just love movies. There are tax deductions to be in the end it’s still an investment and is not without risk. Check out the quick read and learn a little more about getting started with investing in movies. You can also find it on Amazon.

Blogging Opinions vs. Blogging Facts

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Good premium WordPress themes can make it easy for you to get blog posts up and linked, but they cannot make up for poor writing. It’s a well-known fact that the Internet is a place where you can find somebody who will say whatever it is you want to hear. It’s also a well-known fact that the search engines are trying to refer people to good information. This has a huge impact on what’s going to be expected of you as a blogger. Before you roll your eyes and say that you know the difference already, consider that you might not actually know the difference between a fact and an opinion and that it’s important for you, as a blogger, to understand this distinction.

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Why to Choose Tivoli Endpoint Manager to Manage a Network

April 22, 2013chrisdevlinDomains/DNS, Featured, Hosting, Internet ServicesComments Off on Why to Choose Tivoli Endpoint Manager to Manage a Network

In regards to computing on a company network, one of the most important processes has to do with integration. Harmony is necessary for almost everything. Without the ability to co-exist and work together, even in a digital sense, a network infrastructure may as well be at war. The ability to harmonize applications to synchronously operate is necessary to sustaining a computer environment which supplies end users and administrators with tools to operate in most efficient manner possible.

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Business Consulting

February 8, 2013publisherBusiness, FeaturedComments Off on Business Consulting

Business Analysis as a Professional Certification

Business analysis is a profession designated and standardized by the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA), which sets the global standard for business analysis. The IIBA certifies Certified Business Analysis Professionals (CBAPs), which is an ISO-compliant certification. Learn more about how an internet business consultant can help your business.

Cloud Computing Trends

September 14, 2012publisherBusiness, Featured, Server HardwareComments Off on Cloud Computing Trends

Cloud computing is the use of computing resources, both server hardware and software, that are delivered as a service over a network or the Internet. The name comes from the use of a cloud-shaped symbol as an abstraction to visualize the complex system of hardware and software infrastructure used for these systems. Cloud computing removes the use of individual work-station hardware and software, and entrusts remote services with a user’s data, software, and computation (“Cloud computing,” 2012). One of the main thrusts of cloud computing is that encompasses subscription-based services designed to extend IT’s existing reach. It enables an entity to increase or add IT capabilities without having to invest in new computer infrastructure, because the hardware and software are contained in the cloud (Knorr, Eric, and Gruman, Galen, April 7, 2008). (Read more in server racks). Read more →