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42u APC NetShelter SX Server Rack Enclosure – AR3107

August 7, 2012publisherFeaturedComments Off on 42u APC NetShelter SX Server Rack Enclosure – AR3107

There is nothing worse than failure of hardware in a critical datacenter. That’s why we all use uninterupted power devices to help maintain consistant uptime for our servers. Datacenter administrators know the power of APC as the leader in UPS devices. DSI has 42U APC Racks (NetShelter) to help you manage all of your UPS rack mounts easily and safe at a great rate. But hurry, they are going fast! AR3107

Advantages of Real Time X Ray Systems vs. Automated In-Line X Ray Systems

May 23, 2012publisherBusiness, Featured, Press ReleasesComments Off on Advantages of Real Time X Ray Systems vs. Automated In-Line X Ray Systems

Here’s a great company offering a service that is not only needed but a must in our quickly growing population and demands. Particles found in packaging? Don’t waste all of your product. Find the exact particles and remove just those areas and keep your manufacturing line moving. Total Quality Corp can spot check in-line. That means, even while your line is moving they can use their x-ray system to detect various unwanted items without the typical huge losses to your bottom line. Read the full press release.

When faced with product contaminant issue, x-ray inspections provide food and beverage manufacturers a cost-saving alternative to product disposal and can allow them to reclaim thousands of dollars of product, while protecting the safety of their product and their consumers. Read more →

Bad Yelp reviews and how to deal with them

April 16, 2012publisherFeatured, Promotion & MarketingComments Off on Bad Yelp reviews and how to deal with them

Remove bad reviewsIf you are a business you know how important reviews are to your reputation. If you have negative reviews you know how damaging this can be. SurfingExpert just wrote a great article on Bad Yelp Reviews, how to fix them and how to make the most out of your relationship with Yelp and it’s users. Read more →

Reclaimed Wood

April 15, 2012publisherFeatured, Press ReleasesComments Off on Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood is something you see but rarely know where to get. E&K Vintage Wood is one of those places where you knew the product was out there you just didn’t know how to get it or that it was available in such quality and quantity. From beams to fence wood, slabs to beautifully finished furniture. It’s amazing the selection that they have. This plus the fact that they ship almost anywhere is great for anyone for working a simply hobby project to those needing a large amount for bigger projects such as flooring, walls, decks or paneling. So, here’s where to find reclaimed wood, shipped anywhere in the US. Read more →

Breaking down Cisco’s Ethernet Technology FabricPath

March 30, 2012publisherFeatured, Server HardwareComments Off on Breaking down Cisco’s Ethernet Technology FabricPath

Cisco’s FabricPath IT ethernet data center technology was created to allow traditional ethernet with a nextgen design architecture. It has been designed to utilize a special ip protocol to offer more than one path that is active at a time. This was key to allow better communication between server racks without the loss of data. Read more →

Equipment Lease Calculator

March 9, 2012publisherFeatured, Leasing & FinanceComments Off on Equipment Lease Calculator

We’ve all seen it before. A little application that helps you to see how much your loan payment will be based on the total amount of the equipment lease, the percentage rate you qualify for and the amount of months of the terms of the loan. So why is it important who’s equipment lease calculator you use? It isn’t. However, it is important where you get your equipment loan to get the best lease rate and terms.

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Data Center Lease to Save Working Capital

March 4, 2012publisherFeatured, Leasing & Finance, Press ReleasesComments Off on Data Center Lease to Save Working Capital

We all know that leasing is sometimes easier than putting out large sums of cash on large purchases such as cars and homes. It’s no different when your business needs IT equipment or upgrades. Lease With Crystal ( allows you to find the right vendor you need for your data center lease or IT hardware purchases. Read more →

New Facebook Fan Pages

February 29, 2012publisherFacebook, FeaturedComments Off on New Facebook Fan Pages

The New Facebook Fan Pages using timeline is now available for businesses. This new business page layout incorporates all of the new features people like (or don’t like) about timeline for personal pages. It has the same layout using a large photo above for your cover, the square logo or image box that forces you to crop images whether you want to or not, and has the two column structure as your personal timeline. Read more →

Internet Meme List

February 24, 2012publisherFeatured, Promotion & MarketingComments Off on Internet Meme List

List of Memes

The biggest list of funny memes online. Click to see them all >>> Read more →

Equipment Leasing

February 20, 2012publisherFeatured, Press ReleasesComments Off on Equipment Leasing

Top 10 reasons to lease medical equipment or any other versus purchasing equipment:

  1. Save money on buying equipment. Money you can use on marketing and sales.
  2. Gain faster access to the latest equipment without a large out of pocket payment.
  3. Have better control of negotiating prices for the equipment through lenders. Read more →