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Reclaimed Wood

April 15, 2012jplancasterFeatured, Press ReleasesComments Off

Reclaimed wood is something you see but rarely know where to get. E&K Vintage Wood is one of those places where you knew the product was out there you just didn’t know how to get it or that it was available in such quality and quantity. From beams to fence wood, slabs to beautifully finished furniture. It’s amazing the selection that they have. This plus the fact that they ship almost anywhere is great for anyone for working a simply hobby project to those needing a large amount for bigger projects such as flooring, walls, decks or paneling. So, here’s where to find reclaimed wood, shipped anywhere in the US. Read more →

Data Center Lease to Save Working Capital

We all know that leasing is sometimes easier than putting out large sums of cash on large purchases such as cars and homes. It’s no different when your business needs IT equipment or upgrades. Lease With Crystal ( allows you to find the right vendor you need for your data center lease or IT hardware purchases. Read more →

Equipment Leasing

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Top 10 reasons to lease medical equipment or any other versus purchasing equipment:

  1. Save money on buying equipment. Money you can use on marketing and sales.
  2. Gain faster access to the latest equipment without a large out of pocket payment.
  3. Have better control of negotiating prices for the equipment through lenders. Read more →

Alec Baldwin Dead – Died from falling 60 feet in New Zealand

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Early reports are saying that Alec Baldwin has fallen during the filming of a new movie in New Zealand. The Alec Baldwin camp has not yet confirmed his death but there is at least one video on the incident. His last tweet on Twitter reads, “I want a Grammy. I just want it”. This was 15 minutes before the report was released by local news media but has still not been confirmed that Alec Baldwin has died. Read more →

Foamposite Galaxy Air Jordan’s

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Nike and the Jordan camp tend to keep Air Jordan’s Release Dates a great secret when they have new shoes to release publicly. We have been waiting for the Air Jordan Foamposite Galazy shoes to be released. We haven’t even seen photos for these Air Jordans or know the release dates are, until today!

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Los Angeles SEO

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Search engine optimization & internet marketing services

You need search engine marketing and advertising services that are customized to meet your business goals and objectives. There are a few factors that will influence the total cost and time required to market your site in the top search engines. Read more →

Oil changes can save you tons on gas by making your car more efficient

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Save money on oil changes and the general cost to use your vehicle.

Chevron Fast Lube makes it affordable to get a quick oil change in torrance. Chevron Fast Lube will even accept competitor’s coupons. But their low cost services will help you to save even more in the long-run. Read more →

Amanda Annan

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Amanda Annan was born into a family of intellectuals, politicians and diplomats. However, at the age of 16 she decided to choose a totally different path and attended the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in Long. Within a year Amanda had been dead hunted by the top makeup artist Susie Sollis. Read more →

BHM hits new record high quarter

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BHM is a fast up and coming media firm specializing in helping shoe-string budget companies launch in a tough economy. The firms founder and president, Joseph Lancaster, feel confident that sales will continue to grow as the need for true and trusted partners at this financial offering rise. Read more →


ASP Resigns Deck Website

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Dallas Texas, or anywhere else in Texas for that matter, need shade, cool places to enjoy the outdoors, or just take advantage of the great outdoors. David at Dek4U, a Dallas remodeler, has been helping people enjoy their outdoor space for over 15 years. Most of his work was and still is word of mouth. Read more →