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Blogging Opinions vs. Blogging Facts

Good premium WordPress themes can make it easy for you to get blog posts up and linked, but they cannot make up for poor writing. It’s a well-known fact that the Internet is a place where you can find somebody who will say whatever it is you want to hear. It’s also a well-known fact that the search engines are trying to refer people to good information. This has a huge impact on what’s going to be expected of you as a blogger. Before you roll your eyes and say that you know the difference already, consider that you might not actually know the difference between a fact and an opinion and that it’s important for you, as a blogger, to understand this distinction.

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Bad Yelp reviews and how to deal with them

April 16, 2012publisherFeatured, Promotion & MarketingComments Off

Remove bad reviewsIf you are a business you know how important reviews are to your reputation. If you have negative reviews you know how damaging this can be. SurfingExpert just wrote a great article on Bad Yelp Reviews, how to fix them and how to make the most out of your relationship with Yelp and it’s users. Read more →


Internet Meme List

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List of Memes

The biggest list of funny memes online. Click to see them all >>> Read more →

Free Online Raffle Software

February 1, 2012publisherFeatured, Promotion & MarketingComments Off

After watching the Volcom Pipe Pro and seeing them run a content for raising money for the “Live like Sion” fund I thought, “is there any good online raffle software or application. I first found the random hacked up junk sites offering scripts that have oviously not been well thought our or even marketed. Only one looked okay but it was almost $300 to setup and then $3 month or even higher for a more advanced plan.

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Internet Marketing Success

Many website owners who are looking for internet marketing success, consult companies who promise them top ten placing with little or no effort, and then end up disappointed.

Internet marketing success requires a different approach today, due to the sheer size of the net.

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Search Engine Marketing: The Race for Popularity and Profit

Search engine marketing (SEM) can deliver large numbers of qualified prospects and the most cost-effective marketing vehicle for driving qualified traffic to your website. Search Engine Marketing is the first solution in the industry, helping you to optimize your site‚Äôs relevancy and visibility to improve your search ranking options. Read more →

How to get referrals and gain credibility on the Web

s your goal to get more traffic on your Website without spending a lot of money? Is it important that your Website is easy for your prospects to find on the Web? Though there are many things that contribute to a quality, well-positioned Website, increased link popularity – done properly – will establish your business as trustworthy on the Internet and bring more referrals. Read more →

Google Sitemaps’ Hidden Secrets – Powerful SEO Tools Revealed!

It sounds like a great idea. After all, it is much easier to feed the crawler the content then hope it finds it on it’s own.

But is a Google sitemap worthwhile? Is it even necessary? Well, once you realize the incredibly powerful statistics available to you, you might change your opinion. Read more →

Should Organic Optimizers be Concerned?

I was at SES as a speaker last year in New York and I have to say, there is a wealth of information there even if some of it is contradictory. Not only that ,but you get to meet some amazing people and can even have one on one access with some of the search engine reps. Overall, I found it to be a worthwhile experience. Read more →