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The 8 Golden Rules to Web Site Optimization

There are several reasons why you should make web site optimization one of your main priorities and why you should make sure to take this serious. A web site which takes ages to load for example will make your visitors leave before they even had the change to see what you’ve got to offer.

That’s why I want you to take some of your valuable time and check out the 8 golden rules to web site optimization which I have listed here. Read more →

Black Hat Web Design – The 5 Main Culprits

It seems that as fast as search engines are updating their algorithms to defeat Black Hat web design and promotion tactics, unethical operators are finding new ways to fool these new routines.

Inevitably, it is the customer who pays the price (quite literally) when search engines catch up with shady tactics since unethical operators will merely alter their approach and cash in with a fresh set of clients, leaving their existing clientele high and dry. Read more →

The Google Dance

The Google Dance has been named by webmasters after the name of Google to explain a concept associated will all search engines. It is not surprising that Google’s reputation as a search engine reaches all over the world and thus has been minutely scrutinized by other search engines always. Read more →

Open Directory Project

In case you are not aware, there is no OD’s happening here. ODP refers to the Open Directory Project which is the most comprehensive human-edited directory available on the web. Owned by “Time Warner”, ODP is also known as DMOZ (the domain name of ODP), basically is a large, categorize directory of websites and pages which is maintained by pure volunteers. Read more →

Search Engine Optimization in Los Angeles

When it comes to search engine optimization companies there are many to choose from. Young eager students, seasoned independent search engine consultants to fully staffed firms with writers, designers, marketing experts and so on. But what is important in finding the right person or team? Read more →

Guaranteed Search Engine Optimization in Miami?

First SEO is all about the first page. 90% of all clicks after a search are on the first page. Obviously some click, see the site and then click back to the results and view more. So, here is the breakdown: Read more →

Finding an affordable SEO company

You have a website, or maybe an idea for a website and you know you need to market it. But on your budget where do you turn? What is SEO that is different at a higher cost vs the cheap SEO services? Well, here is a bit of direction. Joseph Lancaster, an SEO expert, talks about why affordable SEO is more than just looking for cheap. Read more →