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Cloud Computing Trends

September 14, 2012jplancasterBusiness, Featured, Server HardwareComments Off

Cloud computing is the use of computing resources, both server hardware and software, that are delivered as a service over a network or the Internet. The name comes from the use of a cloud-shaped symbol as an abstraction to visualize the complex system of hardware and software infrastructure used for these systems. Cloud computing removes the use of individual work-station hardware and software, and entrusts remote services with a user’s data, software, and computation (“Cloud computing,” 2012). One of the main thrusts of cloud computing is that encompasses subscription-based services designed to extend IT’s existing reach. It enables an entity to increase or add IT capabilities without having to invest in new computer infrastructure, because the hardware and software are contained in the cloud (Knorr, Eric, and Gruman, Galen, April 7, 2008). (Read more in server racks). Read more →

Breaking down Cisco’s Ethernet Technology FabricPath

March 30, 2012jplancasterFeatured, Server HardwareComments Off

Cisco’s FabricPath IT ethernet data center technology was created to allow traditional ethernet with a nextgen design architecture. It has been designed to utilize a special ip protocol to offer more than one path that is active at a time. This was key to allow better communication between server racks without the loss of data. Read more →

2410 Server Rack Enclosure

October 29, 2011EditorServer HardwareComments Off

Dell is not only a great server manufacture but also makes quality top of the line rack enclosures. The Dell 2410 server rack is a half rack with full rack features at a great low and affordable price. The racks are turnkey and ready for deep Dell servers and help maximize room efficiency and airflow. Smooth metal and easy to use hardware make these the choice of many CIO and data managers. Read more →

Tablet PCs and Windows 8

October 29, 2011EditorServer HardwareComments Off

Microsoft is going to release a version of Windows for tablets before the end of the year according to Bloomberg. Read more →

Selecting the best Server Racks for your Colocation

October 29, 2011EditorServer HardwareComments Off

When looking for a colocation server rack what are you looking for specifically? What is important? Most racks are about the same: hold computers and servers up neatly out of the way, off the floor, off of tables and racks that are not designed for servers. Read more →

Computer Equipment Leasing for Small Businesses

October 29, 2011EditorFeatured, Leasing & Finance, Server HardwareComments Off

Computers are essential to businesses of all sizes. But it is most critical to lease computers when your business is small and needs to pay close attention to your cash flow. Freeing up capital to use for marketing, advertising and other areas are a business owner’s key function while growing. Read more →