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Choosing your web hosting service provider. New standards of the web hosting business

October 29, 2011EditorHosting, Internet ServicesComments Off on Choosing your web hosting service provider. New standards of the web hosting business
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Nobody will be surprised of the fact that IT market is developing very rapidly. < ?xml:namespace prefix = o />

Today you can hardly meet any company that doesn’t have its permanent representation in the WWW – web site. It can be promotional web site that is aimed to inform audience about the company’s business and its mission or on-line store. Users` personal we sites, forums, blogs and conferences, private domain names and web mail systems, all these things become more and more common for us day by day.

It turned out that web hosting service supports Internet growth as web hosting service is the service that allows your web projects to be available in the WWW and accessible for public view for people from all over the world.

We can safely assume that no web site can exist without a web server and without web hosting service provider and with the growth of web sites number and growth of web hosting companies number in the world, it goes without saying that the demands made on web hosting provider grow and undergo a change, as web hosting company provides the services that go between you (your web site) and end-user, for which your website exists.

New standards of web hosting business presume fully functional services, support of such scripting languages as PHP, Perl, Java. CGI. The ease of control and management of your web hosting account via control panel. Choosing your web hosting service provider we recommend you to pay attention to the following factors and standards that our company keeps strictly to:

– Stable operating system installed on the web-hosting server (Red Hat Enterprise Linux);

– Multifunction user control panel;

– Feature-rich account control panel, such as cPanel, Plesk, Directadmin (depends on the web hosting provider);

– Money-back guarantees provided;

– Availability of technical support;

– Additional full-time or part-time phone support for free;

– Multiply domains hosting on one account;

– Some benefits for free that comes with web hosting account like free domain; name registration, free SSL certificate for e-store and e-commerce solutions, free site builder software;

– Account trails.

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