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Data Center Lease to Save Working Capital

March 4, 2012publisherFeatured, Leasing & Finance, Press ReleasesComments Off on Data Center Lease to Save Working Capital
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We all know that leasing is sometimes easier than putting out large sums of cash on large purchases such as cars and homes. It’s no different when your business needs IT equipment or upgrades. Lease With Crystal ( allows you to find the right vendor you need for your data center lease or IT hardware purchases.

Lease With Crystal has been in business for years working with top vendors who’s clients need loans to lease servers, printers, computer leases and more. From dentists looking for affordable easy to get dental equipment lease loans. To doctors wanting to find the lowest rates on a new medical equipment lease. Crystal also works directly with businesses who might not yet have found that perfect high tech company to lease computers and servers. That’s where DSI comes in.

DSI has procured hundreds of server racks and rack mount servers along with the 19″ accessories data centers or other IT departments need. DSI began as a company pulling hardware to sell wholesale but has grown into a leader in shipping server rack equipment and rack mount accessories all over the US. They even began to manufacture their own equipment here in the states allowing them to offer the best price on server racks and rack mount server equipment.

IT equipment lease through these two companies is simple. Find the data equipment you need and contact Crystal and setup the terms. Lowest lease rates and simple terms make her leases in high demand. Crystal can also lease other equipment other than Information technology hardware.

Contact Crystal to a medical equipment lease, dental equipment, construction equipment or other hardware leases and loans. Lease with Crystal, for all of your leasing needs.


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