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Equipment Lease Calculator

March 9, 2012publisherFeatured, Leasing & FinanceComments Off on Equipment Lease Calculator
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We’ve all seen it before. A little application that helps you to see how much your loan payment will be based on the total amount of the equipment lease, the percentage rate you qualify for and the amount of months of the terms of the loan. So why is it important who’s equipment lease calculator you use? It isn’t. However, it is important where you get your equipment loan to get the best lease rate and terms.

Dental equipment leasing companies, even construction equipment leasing, dental equipment leasing are all the same too. When getting equipment leasing from one place to another, it doesn’t matter what you lease but what terms they offer, the percentage rate and how they can best work with your credit or type of business. Heavy equipment leasing would assume risks based on use and your willingness to pay if problems arise. Loans and leasing is all based on risk.

Computer equipment leasing and leasing medical equipment have different risks since they are used differently but can more easily be maintained. It’s all up to the underwriting departments and how they see you as a risk. Interestingly enough, restaurants have the highest failure rate in small business. So, it’s no wonder that they are a bigger risk for companies to loan money to. While medical equipment leasing seems to be more stable as doctors have already incurred high bills such as rent, school loans and such and can quickly raise cash from higher salaries.

One way to find an equipment loan that is right is finding an independent loan specialist. Crystal is one of these people and can help you find loans sometimes under five percent. She’s worked with construction, computer, medical and dental equipment leases for businesses of all sizes and can no doubt help you too.

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