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Equipment Leasing

February 20, 2012publisherFeatured, Press ReleasesComments Off on Equipment Leasing
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Top 10 reasons to lease medical equipment or any other versus purchasing equipment:

  1. Save money on buying equipment. Money you can use on marketing and sales.
  2. Gain faster access to the latest equipment without a large out of pocket payment.
  3. Have better control of negotiating prices for the equipment through lenders.
  4. In some cases exchange existing hardware for more up to date equipment.
  5. Grow at the pace of your business with agile business practices.
  6. Business tax deductions for purchase and loan fees at end of year.
  7. Work with a wide range of vendors managed by a single loan office.
  8. Expand at critical times without delays to acquire needed capital.
  9. Reduces chance of getting stuck with out-dated equipment.
  10. Leasing equipment is quick, safe, and reliable way to grow.
Lease medical equipment, dental office equipment, construction equipment or even just new office equipment has never been so easy or affordable. With loan and lease rates as low as they are these days it just makes good business sense to lease equipment. This frees up your cash flow for other things that might have a different urgency such as payroll, marketing or building future sales.
Lease with Crystal has built her business around these points offering small to medium sized businesses loans to lease the proper equipment they need to build their office or acquire newer equipment necessary to expand or even take on certain projects and new work. Rates are generally controlled by factors such as current bank loan rates, situations such as fluctuations in the market, your credit, business history and such.
Contact her office today and see what rates you qualify for and to get your equipment loans setup in hours.


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