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Finding an affordable SEO company

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You have a website, or maybe an idea for a website and you know you need to market it. But on your budget where do you turn? What is SEO that is different at a higher cost vs the cheap SEO services? Well, here is a bit of direction. Joseph Lancaster, an SEO expert, talks about why affordable SEO is more than just looking for cheap.

“Anyone can perform some of what SEO steps there are such as changing title tags, using H1 tags. But for real results it takes more. And to avoid real trouble it’s worth doing your homework before deciding on an SEO firm that’s right for you”, says Joseph. Search engine optimization pricing can vary from simple pre-packaged prices including the basics and more advanced requiring a quote after weeks of study and research into your company, competition, audience and more.

The “home work” on your end could be as simple as reading a $15 dollar book on SEO. In his recent article, finding an affordable SEO company he spotlights reasons why SEO firms charge what they do, questions to ask about the firm, their clients, how they do business and what guarantees if any are offered. These questions and the basic insight is just a touch on what you should be thinking about when researching companies.

Researching companies is more than researching a list to call later today. Or simply looking at the sites for prices and using the cheapest one. As Joseph points out, the cheapest means something. They could be perfect and fighting against all odds to be the next big thing, or they could be desperate and broke, slow with no work. Or, in many cases over-seas offering difficult communication, poor use of English on the phone and even on your website’s text! So, be careful and know who you are dealing with. Some things can even get your site into real trouble.

To avoid getting kicked out of search engines make sure the SEO firm you use is only using white-hat methods. These are methods that are in accordance with search engine guidelines or their terms of service. The last thing you want while trying to increase traffic and raise your position in the search engines is to get penalized for being too aggressive.

Learn more about the basics of SEO in Joseph’s eBook, “SEO in One Hour” available free from his website

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