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February 1, 2012publisherFeatured, Promotion & MarketingComments Off on Free Online Raffle Software
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After watching the Volcom Pipe Pro and seeing them run a content for raising money for the “Live like Sion” fund I thought, “is there any good online raffle software or application. I first found the random hacked up junk sites offering scripts that have oviously not been well thought our or even marketed. Only one looked okay but it was almost $300 to setup and then $3 month or even higher for a more advanced plan.

So, back to Google searching I went and found one that was not only free but was quiet pleasant. has a simple but yet well put together site to explain what’s offered. Furthermore, it’s free so there is no cost to set up a quick raffle and see it live in action. Now, you can setup your account and raffle with too but as soon as it is live it will cost you a small mint.

I think even here there’s little more I can say that a free site and solution can’t say for itself. Give it a try now or set it up for your next church, business, school or organization’s raffle / give-a-way. You’ll no doubt love it’s easy to use and simple system. It’s a growing company and they’ll love your feedback as well as your input so if you need new features just give them a shout.

In the meantime, they are running their own campaign to gather interest into their solutions. Here below you’ll see their raffle application embedded into this page where YOU can try it from the user’s standpoint and even win either an iPad 2 or an Amazon Kindle. Not bad to try out the best raffle software I’ve seen. Don’t forget it’s free too!

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Free Online Raffle Software, 3.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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