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Get On The WordPress Trend With Most Demanding Features

October 29, 2011EditorBlogging, Web DevelopmentComments Off on Get On The WordPress Trend With Most Demanding Features
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When it comes to blogging, WordPress is considered first. This application is available as open source download, which can be setup and install on the server as well as on a hosted platform at According to Google, is titled as the 12th most visited site is the world, with nearly 120 million unique visitors in a month. After the release of latest WordPress 3.0, the open source effort continues to move beyond its basic blogging system and includes expansive content-management capabilities. WordPress 3.0 allows you run as many blog as you wish to by deploying a single WordPress installation across those many sites. This addition of multisite capability is something which is favorably welcomed by blogging community, despite of having some limitations to it. Here are few features of WordPress explained that are most in demand among the bloggers; An In-Built Welcome Note Many WordPress Users have often highlighted their inconvenience while setting up their site for the first time. So, the first time registered users suggested to built-in Welcome to WordPress guide for people who are new to this. It will help them learn how to change sites, edit comment options, add profiles, add widgets, pick themes or an ability to skip, if required. Multi-Domain Support Since the latest version of WordPress has been introduced, it was observed that the merging of WordPress and WordPress MU is not designed by keeping common blogger in mind. It is more suitable for bigger reasons like organizations and universities where they have to offer blogs to their staff and students respectively under one domain. This feature that helps manage blogs with different domains with included multiple domain capability is the one change that people are favoring it for. Reordering of Page and Post of Content In WordPress, to include a drag and drop page editor for reordering pages is long awaited. With this feature, reordering of pages would surely become much easier. Some users have more than 1000 posts in their blog site that makes it impossible to manage their content. This tool will help arrange them as per their themes, for audience. A New Theme Users usually get bored of using something for long time. Therefore, people welcomed a new default theme added to WordPress 3.0. Some of the users have called for a skeleton default theme suitable to their needs. Also popular is having a default theme, especially suited to non-blog sites. Increased Security This feature, without a surprise, is high up on list of many bloggers. With new WordPress 3.0, security has become a greater concern. To execute this, few things like improved registration with configurable features and extra fields would be of some help. Also, people are unhappy with the way WordPress stores passwords in plain text. Advanced Back-End Support A quicker-to-load-and-run back-end support to WordPress is most in demand. Particularly, the setting and tool tabs that are available in the open source application demands a particular attention, as they get overrun quickly with links from plugins. In addition to it, if users would be able to try the back-end of a wholly new theme for few period of time without visitors notice any change on the site. Galleries Can be called as the most talked about subject when it comes to WordPress. Bloggers want their image content to be controlled by them similarly as they have power over their written content. This will encourage the ability to share your albums with others, which is an interesting idea. WordPress 3 is an awesome CMS application and provides greater control in terms of management, presentation and organization of content. However, they need to incorporate above features, as suggested by most bloggers, to make it more flexible and usable. Kabir Bedi is a senior web consultant at LeXolution IT Services, a best web design company in India. He assists his clients in conceptualizing working of their websites, and supporting his team for creating easy to use web based Content Management Systems (CMS) to facilitate the management of his client’s websites.

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