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How to add Photos to MySpace

October 29, 2011EditorSocial WebsitesComments Off on How to add Photos to MySpace
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With millions of users, MySpace is one of the largest and fastest growing networks on the Internet and it is a fantastic way to stay connected with friends and family. Uploading pictures will allow you to share the latest events in your life with those who might be unable to see for themselves (i.e. wedding, graduation, vacation, etc.). You don’t have to be a computing whiz to make your page sparkle, in fact, it is very easy to customize a MySpace page, and change it when the mood strikes you.

Follow these simple steps and start uploading your memories:

Step One

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The first step is to click the link in the Main Menu as shown to the left. This menu bar is the blue box towards the left side of your screen. The photos link is the third link down.

MySpace only allows photos with the extensions .gif or .jpg. All photos must be 600K or less in size and cannot contain any nudity or anything offensive.

Step Two

Next, find the “Upload Photo” box and click the button. A file upload box should pop up on your screen. (If not, hold the button as you click to allow pop ups. Navigate through your computer and locate the photo you wish to upload. Double click on the file name and then click the button. This site is being created for a gardener who volunteers her “green thumb” time, so we’ll add a refreshing floral image.

- Compressed by NetMechanicStep Three

Once you hit upload, the page will refresh and the image will appear towards the bottom of the screen under “Your current photos.”

To add a caption, click the button and type the information into the text box that appears. Then click to save your changes. To change who your photos can be viewed by, check the circle option ‘You Only.’ If you would like to make this accessible to everyone, click the ‘Everybody’ option.

- Compressed by NetMechanicThe first image you upload will automatically become your profile photo, but as you add more photos, you can assign any photo as your main picture. When you upload additional images, a button will appear next to that asks if you would like that particular photo to because your default one. Where there was formerly a “No Photo” default image on our MySpace page, we now have the flower image we just uploaded and set as the default as seen below.

Continue this process until you’ve added all the desired photos. Once a picture is uploaded, you can also view it by clicking the Photos link under the “View My” options below the photograph.

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