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How to add video on MySpace

October 29, 2011EditorSocial WebsitesComments Off on How to add video on MySpace
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Step One: From the main menu, click . This is the fourth link in the menu, just under .

- Compressed by NetMechanicStep Two: Once at the Add Video page, scroll down until you see the Upload Video links as shown in the graphic to the right. Click the link to start uploading your video.

- Compressed by NetMechanicStep Three: Next, enter the title and a description of your video and indicate if you want this to be a private or public item. Read the terms and conditions and click .

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Step Four: Now, check up to three boxes to select categories that your video falls under. You can also apply tags (keywords) for your video. When you’re done, click .

- Compressed by NetMechanicStep Five: To upload your video click and search your computer. Once you’ve located the video, make sure it is less than 100MB. When you’re ready, click . To view your videos, click under your profile photo on the main page. Your videos can be private, or you make them public. The latter option means they will be part of the MySpace video library, searchable and viewed by anyone.

Upload Videos to Your Computer
Okay, first you need to have videos on your computer, or find some online, before you can upload them to your site. So, if you don’t know how to do this, here is a quick tutorial on how to upload video to your computer.

For starters, you can either upload your video to your computer or burn it to a DVD. Whether you upload your video from your computer’s hard drive, or a DVD, really doesn’t matter. The end result is the same.

The first step is to make sure that the connection on your camcorder matches or is compatible with your computer. For example, I394 is a common connection amongst computers and camcorders manufacture red within the last few years. If you do not have a digital camcorder you’ll need a DV bridge to convert video to digital and save it on your computer. You can even use some DV bridge software to record old VHS tapes using your VCR!

Click the button in the lower-left hand side of your computer screen and then click . Review the programs and search for “Windows Movie Maker.” If you don’t see this on the main program screen, check the Accessories folder.

In the Menu Tasks bar on the left side of the software screen, click on the and then choose “DV camera” from your list of options. Make sure that your digital recorder is connected to your computer, or a message will appear that no device was detected.

Next you will be asked to enter a file name. This is the title of your video (i.e. 2005 Caribbean Cruise, or Mom’s Retirement Party.) Once you enter a title, you need to choose a location to save your video. Click to select a location. For your Capture Methods select “save the entire tape automatically.” Then hit . You’ll notice some activity with your DV recorder and the tape starts to run. This means it is recording to your hard drive. When you’re done you can upload the video to MySpace, or further edit to create snippets.

Burning Video to a DVD
If your computer is more than a few years old, make sure you have a DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, or DVD+RW drive. If you don’t then you will have to upload the video directly to your hard drive instead of to a DVD. If you have a DVD-Ram, you can try (no harm in that), but your video probably won’t write to the DVD. If your computer is older, chances are you probably aren’t running the Windows XP operating system and videos often don’t burn properly on older operating systems. Transferring media is often a frustrating feat for new users, and the main reason for failure is usually an incompatible connection.

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