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How to create a Digital Stamp

October 29, 2011EditorPhotoshop, Web Design ToolsComments Off on How to create a Digital Stamp
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First we start with making a new document of 400×400.

Now take the Pak “Ranctangular” tool and make this selection and en vul hem met zwart ( #000000 ).

Hold the sqaure selected and go to Select -> Modify -> Contract , set the px on 5px and delete the inside and fill it with white ( #ffffff ).

Now you can add your own text , i’ve chosen something off our website ofcourse!

Now we are going to wreck the stamp versleten maken , ga naar Filter -> Sketch -> Torn edges.

Set the settings to : 50 , 14 , 21.

Now use “Free transform” and turn it a bit.

Tutorial written by : Alientjuh.
Click here to see the whole site!

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