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How to Create a Paper Effect

October 29, 2011EditorPhotoshop, Web Design ToolsComments Off on How to Create a Paper Effect
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1 First off, Create a new image 1 pixel in width and 15 pixels in height with a transparent background. Zoon in to 1600% and take the pencil tool and put a dot at the bottom of the image like the one to your left with a color of #4C98D9. Now select the whole image and go to Edit >> Define Pattern and type in a name and click ok.

2 Create a new image with a background of #FBF782. Go to Edit >> Fill and use these options and don’t forget to select your new pattern.

3 Take the single column marquee tool and put it will you would like your red line. Create a new layer and put #FF0024 as your foreground color and go to Edit >> Fill and select Foreground Color and make sure the Opacity is 100% and hit Crlt+D to deselect. You should end up with an image like the one to your left.

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