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How to Create Bold Text

October 29, 2011EditorPhotoshop, Web Design ToolsComments Off on How to Create Bold Text
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Step 1
First off start with your text. Use the type tool and print out your text you want to use for this tutorial.

Step 2
Right click on the type layer then duplicate it, Now drag the copied layer under the first one. Hit the right arrow key on your keyboard 5 times, do the same for the bottom arrow key.

Step 3
Now duplicate the copied layer and hit the right and bottom arrow keys 5 more times.

Step 4
Here is where it comes together. Right click on the type layer (the first one you made) and then go to blending options. Click on stroke at the bottom and use the default setting but change the color to black. You can also get the stroke by going to Edit >> Stroke. If you do it that way create a new layer for it.

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