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How to create Chrome Text

October 29, 2011EditorPhotoshop, Web Design ToolsComments Off on How to create Chrome Text
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1 First off download this gradient and load it up in photoshop and get it ready for this tutorial you will need it for step 3. Create a new image with a white background. Select back as your foreground color then take the type tool and type in your text.

2 After you get you text in go to Layer >> Layer Style > Bevel and Emboss and use these Settings.

3 Go to Layer >> Layer Style > Gradient Overlay and use these Settings don’t forget to select that gradient. After you get that done click on the first layer and change the background color to black.

4 Click on the Air Brush tool and click on the down arrow in the top menu bar where is says brush, when the little window opens click in the other arrow pointing to the right with a circle around it and a menu with appear then click on load brushes. Load Assorted Brushes it’s the top one, now click on the x with 48 under it so it is selected.

5 Create a new layer and use the Air Brush tool and click and hold (hold for 4 seconds) where you want the shinny glow at.

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