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How to create Seemless Textures

October 29, 2011EditorPhotoshop, Web Design ToolsComments Off on How to create Seemless Textures
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Seamless textures are vital for 3D models. Making seamless textures with photoshop is very quick and painless. Open up your texture file. In this case, I’m using a wood texture.

Now offset the texture (Filter > Other > Offset) so that you can see a seam in about the middle of the image. In this case I am using an offset of about 200. Make sure wrap around is selected.

You’ll see a seam in the middle where the sides of the texture used to touch the edge. All we have to do now is paint out that seam
with the stamp tool.

Get a soft brush of about 100 and alt click to the side of your seam. Now move your brush over the seam and paint away! Paint until the seam dissappears.

Now this texture will repeat without visible seams!

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