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How to customize Facebook Profile

October 29, 2011EditorFacebook, Featured, Social WebsitesComments Off on How to customize Facebook Profile
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You know can customize your facebook profile but there a few steps, only 8, to get started. Joseph Lancaster at will walk you through the steps it takes to customize your facebook layout. First you’ll need a developer’s account with Facebook which is free and easy to obtain. next you’ll create and name a Facebook application or APP. Then, follow the steps to set up the app answering questions such as give it a desrciption and tell it how to be public. Last you’ll have the option of customizing the profile layout to situate different parts of the page and where they go.

After 7-8 steps and pages to go through, many of which you’ll simply skip through since they are just verifying previous page answers, you’ll be done and directed to your home page where you can activate it and further customize it. You can select a “cover page” which is merely a cover photo, your profile photo will be off to the site and a timeline of your Facebook history will be listed as it was a magazine layout or which ever you chose.

The only catch, if there really is one, is that your new fancy page can only be seen by others who’ve gone through these steps too. So, copy and paste this link, go through the steps and then post the link on your page to get your friends to do it too so they can see your fresh and new Facebook customized layout. It makes a huge difference over the basic layout and unlike some tweaks, it is 100% free and created by Facebook.

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