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Manage your MySpace Calendar

October 29, 2011EditorSocial WebsitesComments Off on Manage your MySpace Calendar
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The next option on the main menu is “Manager Calendar.” This is a personal organizational took much like the Works or Outlook calendar. There are two purposes to the calendar, as the calendar has public and private features. First, “Your Calendar” can be used as a personal productivity tool to keep track of your social, personal, and professional appointments and events. Secondly, your more public “to dos” can be added to the “Event Calendar” which is a public MySpace community calendar where anyone can post an event (concert, sporting event, charity gala, etc.) for everyone to see and attend. This is also a great place to find events and happenings in your area.

View Your Calendar

- Compressed by NetMechanicLet’s start with the personal calendar feature. When you click the link you will see a calendar page similar to the one on the left. To the left is a monthly view; to the right a day view by hour; and above both, you’ll see tabs for a week or yearly view. To add an event, just click the day of the month, and then the time of day. This will take you to a screen that will allow you to add an event to “Your Calendar.”

Add an Event
- Compressed by NetMechanicTo add an event to “Your Calendar” start by typing in a title. This is what shows on the date/time line (i.e. Job Interview) to indicate what this appointment is about. Next, select the type of appointment this is from the pull-down menu. You can choose anything from anniversary and appointment to TV show and wedding. If this is a listing that can be added to the “Events Calendar” for the entire MySpace community to see, select “MySpace Event.” Indicate the date, time, and duration of the event. You can also choose if the event is reoccurring every week, or month on this specific date (i.e. class or bill payment). The entry will then be automatically added to the appropriate dates and times, so you only have to enter it once. Enter the specifics about the location, and then decide who can view this information (you, friends, everyone.) For safety reasons, it is a good idea to keep your whereabouts private, or share only with friends.

- Compressed by NetMechanicView Added Entries on Your Calendar
The MySpace user we’re developing this sample page for runs a small gardening business and volunteers as a gardener at the local park district every Monday from 8am to 9am. To keep track of her volunteer responsibilities, we’ll input it once onto her MySpace calendar, listing it as a reoccurring event. She wants it listed as private, so only she can see this. This graphic shows how the added entry looks on the calendar. Don’t forget to set your security and privacy options for your calendar on your Account Settings page, lest everybody knows your business!

Set Your Calendar Options

- Compressed by NetMechanicTo set your calendar options, return to the main calendar page. Look to the right-side menu and you’ll see Events Home and Options (as shown here.) Events Home is the MySpace community calendar where you can see events you’ve posted as a MySpace event, and search for and add local events to your calendar.

- Compressed by NetMechanicBy clicking the Options link you can change some settings for Your Calendar. The first option you can change is the layout of the calendar and if the main page will show the day, week, month, or yearly view. Next, choose whether this calendar can be shared with your friends. If you would like the weekly calendar to start with a day other than Sunday, or for the daily calendar to begin before or after 8am, you can make those changes as well. There is also an event reminder option that can be set.

Going back to the main calendar page, click on Events Home in the upper right-hand corner. A list of events for your zip code will automatically appear. From here you can add a new event, see events you’ve posted, and view and search all events by date, category, or locale.

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