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Questions to ask your web hosting provider before you order web hosting service

October 29, 2011EditorHosting, Internet ServicesComments Off on Questions to ask your web hosting provider before you order web hosting service
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Now, when you have realized that you need web hosting service for your web site and while you are evaluating numerous web hosting service providers it is essential to build a list of questions for your future web hosting company. At time you are new to web hosting services and all the terms seem not familiar to you, the list will help you to concentrate on the main parameters and choose the reliable web hosting and domain name registration service provider.
Here we would like to submit for your consideration typical questions and what is more important the answers that will show you that hosting provider is worth to be chosen from a mass.

Question: I have the web site, why do I need web hosting service?
Answer: Web hosting company provides the service that allows your web site to be available in the World Wide Web. Your web site files are placed on the server connected to Internet with high bandwidth capacity. Normally none web site can exist without a web server. If you have certain technical skills you can host your web site even on your home personal computer that is connected to the Internet but if you would like to rely on a solid web hosting company, we will care about your web site being on-line.

Question: Why should I choose paid web hosting service?
Answer: The web hosting services are divided into free and paid one. If you are concerned about your web site uptime, if you would to get reliable web hosting service and more over if your web site is a business or e-commerce web site you should definitely choose paid web hosting service. This will ensure fast load of your web site, no obligation to place advertisements on your web site pages and will give you the confidence in your web hosting provider.

Question: Do you provide any money back guarantees?
Answer: Yes! A solid web hosting service provider must provide money back guarantees. The standards of web hosting business demand from a web hosting company to provide: any-time money back guarantee, 30-days 100% money back guarantee and uptime guarantee. If your web hosting company besides above mentioned guarantees provides also support guarantee and price-freeze guarantee this will be a very good choice.

Question: Do you offer shopping cart software and provide e-commerce hosting services?
Answer: Yes! E-commerce hosting is fully supported. The number of shopping carts are provided for your choice, for example: oscommerce, Zen cart, Interchange, Agora etc.
Question: Do you provide web site statistics software?
Answer: Yes! Web site statistics is very important if you want to track your web site visitors and use the stats for Internet marketing analysis. Besides raw logs and access log files we will provide you with a number of web stats software for your choice: Webalizer, Modlogan, AWStats.

Question: Am I the owner of the domain name registered with you?
Answer: Yes! We register domain names in your name only and you are the only owner of the domain name. Even if you order domain name registration with Whois privacy service and your details are not displayed in the Whois public database, you still remain the full ownership of the domain name.

Question: Can I transfer domain name registration from you to any other company?
Answer: Certainly yes, since this is your domain name you can do everything you want, including transferring domain name registration to any other web hosting and domain name registration provider; we will provide you with auth code necessary for domain name registration transfer.

Question: Can I earn by promoting your service to the others?
Answer: Yes, there is an affiliate program that you can participate in for free! The affiliate program was designed to allow web masters and web site owners
to make a profit from their website along with providing web site visitors recommendations for a reliable web hosting services.

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