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The MySpace Revolution

October 29, 2011EditorSocial WebsitesComments Off on The MySpace Revolution
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MySpace skyrocketed out of nowhere and became the fourth most popular US
website ranking just behind Yahoo, MSN, and Google according to, a
site that monitors web traffic. MySpace has also achieved international
superstardom ranking sixth on a global scale. And as if that weren’t enough to
make the developers giddy, last year, NewsCorp purchased MySpace for $600
million dollars. So, what makes MySpace worth more than a half a million
dollars? Why is it so coveted among people worldwide including celebrities and
rock stars? And how does a site go from unknown to more popular than eBay in
such a short period of time?

MySpace is used by over 75 million people of all age groups across the world.
So, what do you people use MySpace for?

·               Keep in touch with families and friends across the world,
including troops overseas
·               Create fun sites to share with other friends, or to make new ones
·               Promote a small business, or band
·               Find the next hot new band
·               Read or create blogs
·               Play games
·               Interact in forums

You’ll find everyone on MySpace, including some celebrities. The Hilton
sisters, Jessica Simpson, Christina Aguilera, and Lindsay Lohan are just some
of the celebs rumored to be on MySpace. MySpace also creates it own breed of
superstar—or the virtually famous. These are writers, artists,
musicians, even comedians who have mastered marketing on MySpace and used it to
catapult their careers!

The dominant age group on
MySpace is 16-34. Teenagers love technology and making friends, which is why
the MySpace online social community is so popular among them. No matter what
your age group, this article takes the confusion, intimidation, and uncertainty
out of MySpace and shows you how to build a fun, secure, and safe site. Once
your site is up, you can join the millions of existing users and carve out your
own little space on the internet. So, read on and learn not only how to create
a MySpace page, but how to take advantage of all the tools offered.


So, what is MySpace? In short, it is a social community of
75+ million people, where users register and are granted free space for which
they post a profile and invite people to connect to their site as “friends.” Some
visit their site obsessively; others login and loaf on their days off, and
others sign up and disappear because they find the site confusing. No matter
how often users frequent their sites, MySpace has many uses. Members can
promote a business or band, network to find a job, connect with new and old
friends, or simply create their own private space online. MySpace is simple
and ingenious, especially if you compare it to a community like has a full staff that hires guides, who serve as experts on a topic.
These guides are paid a minimum amount per month to post information online.
Each individual site brings in money through ad dollars. MySpace, on the other
hand, provides the medium and the tools for anyone and everyone to post information for free. Because MySpace
doesn’t pay people to populate their pages, they keep the revenue earned through
big advertisers like Coco-Cola–cha-ching. Pretty darn smart if you ask



Create a page that shows off
your individuality
Connect with friends and family
Stay in touch with loved ones overseas
Promote your band or profession!

Become virtually famous

False identities

Stalkers and predators

Business scams

Identity theft

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