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WAP web hosting services explained

October 29, 2011EditorHosting, Internet ServicesComments Off on WAP web hosting services explained
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WAP (wireless application protocol) was worked out to give information to the end-users that access Internet from their mobile devices. Hence it is a communication protocol that expounds web pages in a specific way. Today market niche that applies the high standards of technology and communication services, WAP hosting services, have become the barest necessity for any web site.

It is spirit of the times when you let visitors enter your web resource not only through personal computer, but also through handsets as well at any time.

What are the clues of WAP functioning?

Put it bluntly, a mobile device sends some request via wireless application protocol (WAP) to a special gateway server. Then the URL (uniform resource locator) is converted and contents is sent back using the same WAP gateway to the initiator of the request.

It should be noticed that WAP could operate using nearly any wireless networks, such as commonly used GSM, CDMA, TDMA, DECT features and many others.

A trustworthy web hosting service provider must be on the alert for new tendencies of the rapid growing communication market and should offer its customers to host their WAP web sites, as WAP hosting feature must be included in its range of services.

What do you need for starting WAP operation?

Firstly you should work out a WAP web site. For this purpose you should apply one of the WML tools available. WML is wireless markup language and is quite similar to HTML, being its analogue. You should also register domain name with .mobi tld that is used for WAP running.

Markup language is based on XML and is used to show how the text should be transformed, to show the hierarchy of screens (known as decks) and hyperlinks between the screens.

The dissimilarity between HTML and WML languages only is in the title content-type that is text/html for HTML page and text/vnd.wap.wml for a standard WML document.

Use the preferences that WAP hosting service can bring to you. WAP hosting service will allow millions of users that use mobile Internet services to access your website and its content from all round the world at any time.

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