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If you decided to find reliable web hosting service provider to host your web site you have to arm yourself with patience. Web hosting market sector is overcrowded with all those one-day web-hosting companies, blackening web-hosting industry in general. It is very hard to find really effective, trustworthy and well-found web-hosting provider. You have to check its functional possibilities, full strength of its equipment, its stability, and reliability. What does it mean \”to place web site in the Internet\”? What is the essence of your web site placing in the Internet? Hosting is the final stage of your web site development. Now you have to decide where your personal web site will continue its existence. No doubt that paid web-hosting service is the best alternative in this case. It is essential to make right choice if your web site is significant for you and it is even more important if your web site is made for commercial or business project. You may get Linux web hosting services or web hosting on any other server platform, for example Windows. You get competent customer relation service and technical support, quick loading and running of your web site and some other advantages. Furthermore, if you chose paid web hosting service, the visitors of your web site will be confident that they made a right choice.

There could be two variants of existing situation:

1) The first one: You already have your personal web site and domain name registered and your website was hosted with another web hosting company previously. You made a decision to transfer your web site to any other web-hosting provider. How to start to transfer your site? And how to avoid or reduce downtime of your website? When you have already picked out your future web-hosting provider you should:

A) You should decide if you will transfer domain name registration service to your new web-hosting provider or will leave domain name management at your registrar;

B) If you want to run web hosting and domain name registration service from one place make sure that your future web hosting provider accepts domain name registration transfer;

C) Find out all details about name servers of your future web-hosting provider. Now after you buy web-hosting account you may start to place your web site.

We strongly recommend to change name servers of your domain name immediately as name servers change requires update and this may take from 24 to 72 hours. During this period your web site will be inaccessible through its domain name. But, with web hosting account we will provide you with dedicated IP address and can start to run your website and upload your web site content (via FTP client software for instance) via IP address assigned to your domain name.

2) The second one takes place when you have just taken a decision about on-line site running. For instance our company will provide you with effective multifunctional web site builder and you can create your site within 30 minutes. To allocate your web site in the web you should register a domain name and upload your website to the web server (if you have made it in FrontPage or if you have your web site files on your hard disk) or publish web site you made by means of site builder.

Please take into account that domain name registration propagation will take about 24 hours and when they expire you can access your site using its name. Meanwhile you can access and manage your website using assigned for this domain name IP address.

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