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What to Look for in an Internet Service Provider

February 8, 2013judeHosting, Internet ServicesComments Off on What to Look for in an Internet Service Provider
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When choosing an internet service provider, you need to consider a lot of factors. Don’t just look at the price or the popularity of a certain ISP but try to search for more information about it and make a comparison with its competitors. Information on internet service providers can be found at Broadband Expert. But before you decide to sign up with an ISP company, see to it that you have carefully considered the following factors to ensure great benefits from choosing such.

1. Know the ISP’s uptime commitments. Make sure that details about this must be clearly indicated in the first place. This is very critical and should be considered first; otherwise you’ll end up wishing for something else because of the failure on the part of the internet service provider to perform its duties. If this happens, ensure that they have a remedy in lieu of the inconvenience it will cause you.

2. Determine the downstream speed. Sometimes, marketing claims about this are actually too good to be true. In fact, they oftentimes end up with a lot of excuses afterwards. If you have doubts, you better ask some clients nearby about their experience with it before you decide to sign up. Once you have signed up with a specific internet service provider, test it on this aspect on the day it was installed, after a month and after three months.

3. Identify the upstream capacity too. Just like downstream speed, this is also an important factor to consider in choosing an internet service provider. With the way VPNs, remote access as well as automated offsite backups is going nowadays, upstream capacities have turned out to be a force to reckon with so to speak.

4. Ports are free to use anytime. Many internet service providers have blocked some ports to optimize network performance. At times, ISP’s policies are inconsistent all throughout the entire network and this is very disappointing. Therefore, as a wise consumer, you have to choose the one that offers freedom to use Telnet and other ports.

5. Flexible SMTP. Usually, internet service providers recommend setting their servers as its outbound SMTP servers within their valued email clients or simply switch to alternative ports. However, this does not always do well especially for those who travel with their laptops or those who are not really familiar with the technical aspect. Hence, you need to verify first if the ISP supports an open SMTP port 25 traffic.

6. Available technical support. See to it that the internet service provider has an accessible technical support. There are times that technical problems occur and you can’t fix it by yourself so it is better that an ISP has available technical support anytime. Times like these are very crucial therefore be sure to sign up only with the one that can meet your requirements.

7. Field service on the go. This is also something to be considered in choosing an internet service provider. When modems fail to function, make sure that the ISP can quickly respond to your dilemma, otherwise you’ll suffer with pending online transactions and this means less production on your part. Make sure that you know what the ISP’s field service coverage and how effective they can be.

8. Quality of the equipment. Modems play a vital role for having a continuous internet connection therefore look for an internet service provider that provides with the highest quality modem. It’s best to have a comparison of the competing ISP’s modems to make a good decision. If you are assured of a high quality modem, most likely you will not spend much time on site administering, reconfiguring, or even restarting network equipment.

9. Option to use own equipment. In some cases, internet service providers allow its customers to use their own modems. With this, you can choose the quality of the network equipment and this will more likely lower the costs too. Unlike the one provided by the ISP, the cost of ownership is very high.

10. Fair price. This is actually the least priority to consider in choosing an internet service provider but it does really matter too. The preceding factors are basically the first things to consider. However, with regard to the price, you ought to make a cost benefit analysis so that you will not regret in the end and say “what if” or “if only”. Carefully comparing the cost of competing ISP’s and of course the other factors is the wisest thing to do.

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