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Are you a writer, blogger, or marketing expert wanting to share articles on Designer’s Playground?

Great to hear. Simply registering with our website allows anyone to contribute. But here are the limitations and ways to get your article published versus denied:

  • All content must be original. We have tools to see if it has already appeared online OR IS EVEN CLOSE so no scraping AND NO SPINNING.
  • All content must be at least 300 words in length.
  • All content must use proper English, grammar and structure. If you are not a writer, don’t write.
  • Articles must be related to our site’s topics (not including press release). If it does not match a category we don’t want to share it.
  • Articles can have links but no more than two and the links must be more than 100 words apart from one another.
  • If article has more than 2 links, the article may still get published but links will be removed.
  • No article may contain hate, crime, sexual, racist or any other content that would offend or harm site’s status.
  • Articles with a photo or video are highly desired. Still, they must still have 300 words in the text.
  • We reserved the right to edit, modify and change any or all parts of the article to fit our readers at our discretion and without notice.


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